About Melody

About Melody


Melody Wunderlin has been a part of the Rock County birth community since training with AAHCC in 2011. She feels that building bridges between families and their care providers helps everyone have their best birth. Melody is a certified birth doula through Stillbirthday, has received birth doula training with DONA, placenta specialist certification with APPA, and Rebozo training with Gena Kirby. She plans on many future trainings to continue her growth as a doula!

Melody’s passion is for families transitioning between pregnancy and parenthood. She desires to work with people of all types, from all walks of life, and desiring any type of birth. As a birth worker, Melody supports and educates on all birth choices and options. While many of her clients choose a natural childbirth, she is happy to support families seeking pharmaceutical pain management or cesarean births.

Melody lives in Janesville, Wisconsin with her husband of 9 years, 4 sons, and daughter. She works as a student mentor and sits on the  advisory board for the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry and when not doing birth work she can be found in her garage dyeing textiles or baking desserts in her kitchen.

Trainings and Courses Attended

  • AAHCC Childbirth Educator Training (2011)
  • DONA Doula Training (2013)
  • Breastfeeding Basics Course (2013)
  • APPA Placenta Encapsulation Training (2015)
  • OSHA BBP Training (2015)
  • SafeServ Food Handler Card (2015)
  • Gena Kirby Rebozo Training (2015)
  • Stillbirthday Doula Training (2015)
  • Spinning Babies Workshop (2016)
  • Cultured Doula Program (2017)

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