Why I chose APPA for my Placenta Certification

In 2015 as I made my lists of business goals my primary goal was to become certified in placenta encapsulation. From the very beginning certification was something that was very important to me. While many encapsulators are self-trained or trained by other specialists, I knew that wasn’t my style.

In the first few months of 2015 I started researching and looking into different certification options. As time went on I realized that there were three things that were extremely important to me: A truly comprehensive course, encapsulation options for my clients, and a professional organization.

At first was determined to find an in person training, but the more I saw and researched I realized a two day course wasn’t enough to fully encapsulate (har har) the magnitude of placenta arts. As I read about the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA) course one of the first things I saw was that the course would take 6-9 months to complete. Stop. What? SIX to NINE months? My initial reaction was that I wasn’t interested in putting that much time and effort into training. But as I thought more and weighed my options I quickly realized that of course I would want to put that much work into having the BEST training for my clients. The training covered everything; placenta traditions from all over the world, safety, postpartum expectations and mood disorders, research and studies, and anatomy in addition to the practical part of “how to” encapsulate. The APPA coursework wasn’t only a course that taught me how to encapsulate a placenta. It changed me as a birth worker and made me a better doula.

Recently debate has surrounded placenta encapsulation options. Different organizations require that you process placentas in the client’s home or may only approve one method of preparation. APPA not only approves of most forms of placenta consumption, but they train their Placenta Arts Specialists in all approved methods. They also leave preparation space up to the specialist; focusing on proper procedure and sanitation in whatever location. Some APPA graduates work only in a workspace, others only in the client’s home, and still others offer the location as an option to their clients. I knew that I wanted to provide options to my clients and not be only trained in one method of placenta preparation.

Perhaps the most important factor in choosing APPA was the professionalism. The organization was founded by two amazing women and the content written through a collaboration of 8 experienced encapsulators. This course is not the brain child of a single person. It is incredibly thorough and I finished the coursework confident in my ability and knowledge of all things placenta. The emphasis on safety, legality, and professionalism is amazing. The mentors and board members are available and willing to answer questions from students and graduates as they arise.

I take great pride in my certification with APPA. It took time, dedication, and way more equipment than I expected. But I know that I have the best training possible and have the skills to provide the best and safest experience for my clients; whether that occurs in their home or in my workspace or with raw start or traditional method. I am proud to bring the high standards and options of APPA to Rock County Wisconsin.

If you have any questions about how Cornerstone Birth can help you with placenta encapsulation please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have fully customizable placenta encapsulation packages and provide the full service; from the transport kit, prompt pick up, and delivery as soon as your pills are complete!

~Melody W. 

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