Birth Doula Services

Birth Doula Services

What does a doula do?

A birth doula supports laboring families through the birth and immediate postpartum period. This support comes in the form of education prior to the birth, physical support and emotional support during the birth process.

Doulas do not replace the partner. I support the whole family including the partner, grandparents or any siblings who wish to be involved. I encourage the partner to be as much of an active part of the labor and delivery process as they desire.

As a doula I support all birthing people and their decisions in labor and delivery. This includes natural and medicated births as well as home or hospital deliveries. I attend births at Mercy Hospital, SSM in Janesville, Beloit Memorial, Meriter, SSM in Madison, Elkhorn Hospital, Rockford Memorial, Swedish American and more!

What to expect

Free consultation

  • Hour long meet and greet.
  • Discuss how I can help you
  • Discuss contract and other terms of employment

Prenatal Meeting

  • 2 hour session
  • Detailed birth preferences
  • Birth Education tailored to your specific needs
  • Email, phone and text support is offered from the time of hiring until 6 weeks postpartum


  • Attendance of your birth.
  • If due to extenuating circumstances I can not attend your birth I will provide a back up doula.
  • On call from the time the contract is signed.
  • During the birth I provide emotional support, physical support (massage, rebozo, counter pressure, etc.) and support for partner and family members.

Immediate Postpartum

  • Immediately postpartum I will step to the side as you bond with and meet your new baby.
  • I will stay with you as breastfeeding is established and may help give pointers or find a IBCLC to support you if necessary.
  • I stay with you and your partner until you are moved to a postpartum room or are settled in.

Postpartum Visit

  • Within the first week or two I check in on you with a 2 hour postpartum visit.
  • This visit is a time for you to discuss your birth and your transition to parenthood.
  • It also provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about the birth or the newborn period.

Birth Doula Fee starts at $695.

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