Postpartum Resources

Postpartum is a huge transition that often requires support and additional  resources. I feel passionate about families having positive transitions of having a child or adding to their family. My hope is that this may help you and your family during this amazing, but sometimes difficult time. It is known that around  15% of women will experience a postpartum mood disorder; many experts actually believe this number to be up to 25% as many women suffer without seeking help. Postpartum mood disorders are common and many of the people around you have suffered from them. Please seek out help and support!

If you or your loved one are experiencing hallucinations, pyschosis, considering self harm, or harming others call 911 immediately. 

The Crisis Hotline is available 24/7; call 1-800-273-8255 or text 741741 for help.

Take the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale here. This is a helpful self assessment for postnatal depression, it is not a diagnosis and if you are concerned about postpartum depression, anxiety or other disorder, please seek a professional assessment immediately.

Postpartum Counseling Resources

Associates in Psychotherapy – Janesville, WI – 608-752-7255*
Janesville Family Health Center – Janesville, WI – 608-364-5686*
Crossroads Counseling Center – Janesville, WI – 608-755-5260*
Mercy Options Behavioral Health Services – Janesville, WI – 608-756-5555
Avenues of Insight – Janesville, WI – 608-247-1520*

*accepts Badgercare

Postpartum Support

Postpartum Support International 
Postpartum Support Facebook Group 

Lactation Support

La Leche League of Rock County (Facebook Group)

  • Meets in Janesville on the first Thursday evening of the month.

Bellies and Babies LLL of Rock County (Facebook Page)

  • Meets in Beloit on the first Friday evening of the month.

Other Social Groups

Janesville Babywearing Group (Facebook Group) 

  • Meets in Janesville Area on the second Tuesday evening of the month.

MOMS Club of Janesville – East (Facebook Page)

MOMS Club of Janesville – West ( Facebook Page)